BatchCICS Connect

Enable 24×7 integration of Batch processing with any CICS transaction, program, or data resource.

BatchCICS-Connect is software for z/OS and z/VSE that allows for custom development and control of CICS access services using COBOL Batch programs.

Mainframe users have long been looking for ways to reduce Batch run-time windows and provide near 24×7 CICS up time. Some vendor solutions open/close files while keeping CICS active, others use more sophisticated methods to intercept batch VSAM update requests and pass information to active CICS regions to perform updates, and some users have developed in-house routines to perform their own EXCI requests, including VTAM screen scraping. The approaches support the 24×7 CICS concept, but do not provide an easy path for the COBOL programmer to develop batch processes that can integrate in real time with active CICS regions.

BatchCICS-Connect provides the ability to have true 24×7 CICS up time, without having to close or disable files and/or transactions. End users can remain online, executing and interacting with the same CICS applications that BatchCICS-Connect communicates with.