Dynamically create and manage CICS extra-partition Sysout Transient Data Queues to maximize CICS uptime

To provide non-stop CICS processing of mission critical applications, organizations often keep CICS regions running for days, weeks, or even months at a time. This can lead to excessive growth in CICS Sysout Transient Data Queues messages. In some cases, the extrapartition queue CSSL (MSGUSR) has been known to expand beyond its maximum resource size, resulting in an actual CICS outage.

SysQManager solves that problem. With its dynamic Sysout generation control process, each target TDQ controlled by SysQManager is limited in growth by a dynamic process that separates the target queue into one or more generation queues.
For each generation created, a unique ‘ddname’ is assigned, which allows easy viewing, automated JES spinoff, and extraction into any data format.

Dynamic creation of a new generation automatically occurs on a change in date, or triggered by user-defined criteria, including message line threshold, time interval expiration, or manual intervention.